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Terms and conditions of use

Use of the platform

The Fondation communale pour le développement des emplois et du tissu économique en ville de Genève (fondetec) is a municipal foundation under public law, governed by its statutes and regulations.

fondetec provides entrepreneurs with a free platform on the Previsionnel.ch website (hereinafter the "Website") enabling them to create financing dossiers (projects), share them with fondetec and selected third parties and communicate with fondetec.

In order to use the Website, the user must create a user account. The ultimate purpose of the Website is to share a project. If the account is not used for six months, the fondetec will send an e-mail to the account holder indicating that if the account is not used within 60 calendar days of the e-mail being sent, the project will be automatically deleted from the user's account. A deleted project cannot be recovered.

The fondetec maintains its Web site with particular attention to the quality, completeness and security of the information it contains. It also takes all reasonable steps to ensure that the Web Site functions properly. Nevertheless, fondetec cannot guarantee the availability of the Web Site or the accuracy, reliability and completeness of the information, images, documents, software and other data contained therein. Furthermore, system failures such as interruptions, virus attacks or data loss cannot be ruled out.

Finally, fondetec reserves the right to add to, modify or delete the Web Site and the information published therein at any time and without prior notice.

Use of cookies

Cookies are used to improve the services provided to you. Some are essential to the site's operation, while others are used to improve its performance and/or your user experience.

You can disable cookies in your browser preferences. Please note that if you do not allow cookies to be stored, certain functions and pages will not behave correctly.

To delete a cookie from your computer, follow the instructions in your browser's online help.

Limitation of responsibility

To the extent permitted by Swiss law, fondetec shall not be liable for any direct, indirect or consequential damages arising from the consultation, exploration, use or inability to use the Web Site.

Intellectual property

All elements of the Web Site are protected by intellectual property law, and in particular by copyright law. The reproduction, transmission, modification or use of the Web Site for public or commercial purposes, as well as the creation of links to the Web Site, are subject to the prior written authorization of fondetec.

Data security

Despite the organizational and technical security measures put in place by fondetec, it is impossible to guarantee zero security risk for the Website and digital communications (e.g. via the Website or e-mail). Cyber-threats are constantly evolving, and there is always a certain level of risk of data access by unauthorized third parties inherent in the use of the Internet. We encourage you to take extra precautions to protect your data, such as creating strong passwords, regularly updating your software and adopting good secure browsing practices.

By using the Website and communicating with us through the Website or by e-mail, you accept the inherent risks of cyber incidents and understand that we cannot be held responsible for any security breaches, except in cases of gross negligence on our part.

If you notice any suspicious activity or if your password has been compromised, you agree to contact the fondetec as soon as possible.

Data protection

Accesses to website pages are recorded for statistical purposes, resulting in feedback of statistical data. These statistics are collected completely anonymously.

If fondetec receives personal information via its website that also requires a personal response (such as questions or orders by e-mail), the corresponding personal data will not be passed on for any other purpose.

Right of access, rectification and deletion of personal data contained in the user area. The user has the right to access, rectify and delete personal data contained in the user area. Information transmitted by the user remains under his or her control. Subject to any provisions to the contrary in these GCU or by law, he/she may modify it or ask the fondetec to delete it. When the user chooses to delete his user account, the personal data contained in this account are deleted, with the exception of: identifier, e-mail address, surname, first name, connection traces [logs] to respond to any disputes and for statistical purposes. In all cases, this data is destroyed 10 years after the account is deleted.

If the funding application is presented to the Foundation Board, a copy will be extracted and saved in its entirety (including all attachments).

For further information, please consult the data protection declaration of fondetec. If you have any questions or complaints, please contact fondetec at the following address: info@fondetec.ch

Applicable law and forum

These general terms and conditions of use as well as the use of the Web Site and, more generally, fondetec services, are governed by Swiss law. All disputes are subject to the jurisdiction of the courts of the Canton of Geneva.

Geneva, July 5, 2024